Volunteer Program

War Paws Volunteer Program

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I confirm that I understand the information given in this form, which may include personal data, will be stored securely by War Paws and may be used for purposes relating to my volunteer experience. War Paws will not share your details with any third party agency outside of the organisation at any time.*
I understand that there is ZERO tolerance of the use of Alcohol whilst on site at the shelter during normal working hours. I understand that if I am found to be using alcohol during the normal working day I may be asked to leave the shelter and return to my home country at my own expense.*
There have been a number of flight cancellations to and from Cluj in recent months so War Paws advises that adequate travel insurance is purchased to cover flight cancellations, hotels etc. War Paws will not be liable for extra hotel costs, airport parking, food etc in the event of delays or cancellations. I also understand that War Paws will not be liable for loss of luggage and personal belongings*
I understand that it is my responsibility to provide insurance to cover any medical issues that may arise during my volunteer experience, this includes but is not limited to Covid 19, bites, scratches, gastrointestinal illness.*
I understand that War Paws advises that I receive a full course of rabies vaccines and tetanus vaccines at my own expense prior to my volunteer experience.*
I understand that War Paws bears no responsibility for injury, illness, bites, scratches, Covid 19 or in the event I am injured or fall ill during my volunteer experience.*
I understand and agree that if War Paws is providing food and accommodation during my volunteer experience that I will fundraise a minimum of £250 that is paid directly to War Paws prior to my trip (this is not required if I am self funding my own food and accommodation) Please indicate below if you are self funding or need to fundraise*
I agree that whilst I am volunteering for War Paws I am not permitted to speak to any Press/News Agency without prior permission from War Paws.*
I agree that War Paws has my permission to use any photographs/video/media and text I have supplied in regards to my volunteer experience, this may include but is not limited to press coverage and social media*