Thank You Kontempry

We are thrilled to announce that Kontempry who are a small team of digital marketing professionals based in Cardiff who operate several websites, including casino offers and new casino sites have come onboard to support War Paws with a much needed donation. The Kontempry Team enjoy playing with the resident office mascot Henry the Cockerpoo, when not building websites and here is what they have got to say about their reasons for supporting War Paws.

“After learning about the shelter in Iraq and the enormous effort it took to get it up and running to a good standard, we felt compelled to support such a wonderful organisation.  Now fully functioning with concrete floors, kennels and vets on site, we realised that it must have taken a tremendous amount of labour to construct a safe shelter in good condition in such a volatile location. Many of the dogs at the shelter are disabled and would be unable to survive in the dangerous streets. We wanted to ensure that War Paws’ efforts didn’t go unnoticed and to help all we could. The charity relies entirely on donations, so every penny counts. As an animal-loving team at Kontempry, we all wanted to donate. It is a pleasure to support such a wonderful organisation, and we hope they carry on their fantastic work for many more years to come.

After also finding out that some of the animals that War Paws rescues are animals that have bonded with a serving military members who are posted in a country affected by war, we were conscious of what an effect the pandemic would have on such an enormous task.When a member of the military leaves but doesn’t want to leave their animal behind, they get in touch with the organisation. How amazing is that? We realised that even in regular times, let alone during a pandemic, this must be a challenging mission, and we can only imagine the obstacles they encountered when attempting to save the animals during Covid. We wanted to contribute as much as possible to this charity because we think they do a fantastic job. Being based in Cardiff, we imagined the obstacles War Paws faced daily, so we put as much of our budget as possible towards a donation, along with contributions from staff members. It is admirable to find these animals a safe, secure, and loving home, and we wish War Paws all the success in the future. “

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