Sia & Carla

In December 2018 when our very own Louise was working at Many Tears Animal Rescue in Wales they received and email from a lady who had got 2 dogs in a shelter in Macedonia that she was deeply worried about, the dogs were shutting down and she felt they would not make it through the winter. Sadly at the time MT just had no spare funds to be able to bring these lovely girls to the UK for rehoming so War Paws stepped in and agreed that we would raise the funding needed to bring them home if Many Tears would offer them a space in kennels and find them a new home. Sia has suffered being hit by a car at some point and it looked like she had a broken pelvis, she had spent months just laying down and not moving util one day she just stood up and started to walk. Carla was a lady in her middle years who was slowly shutting down. In Feb 2018 Sia and Carla finally made it to the UK and we were terribly upset to see that not only was Sia’s injury much worse than we had originally thought but she was also suffering from Transmissible Veneral Tumours. The girls quickly settled into kennels at Many Tears and Sia received the life saving chemotherapy she needed to cure her TVT and had xrays on her leg. Her TVT responded well to treatment but sadly her leg is too badly damaged to fix and her other leg is not stable enough to support her if the leg is removed so for the time being she is receiving daily pain relief and has improved hugely and is enjoying life. Carla has already been rehomed and is loving life in her new home in the UK. These 2 lovely girls would not have had a chance if we had not partnered with MT to make it happen for them.