Will I need to travel to collect my foster dog?

Yes, we will ask that once the home check is done that you attend the kennel location in the UK along with your family and any other family pets to meet and greet and collect your foster dog.

Can I foster if I have cats?

In some cases yes, we do have some dogs that we have deemed to be cat friendly where we have seen how they behave around cats at the kennels.

Can I foster if I have children?

Yes, we have a number of dogs that we are happy to place in homes with children, we will take every application on its own merit and will work to match the most suitable dog to your home.  We might place age restrictions on children depending on the dog.

Can I foster if I already have my own dog?

Absolutely, we will work with you to find the best match for your family home.  Some of our dogs prefer to be an only dog but the vast majority have lived in kennels with other dogs and enjoy the company of other dogs.