Will I be able to allow my foster dog to run off leash?

No, we do not permit foster dogs to be off leash except in cases where they are in a fully secure dog walking field.  We will provide harnesses for the dogs that need them as well as slip leashes with a sturdy stopper that must be used at all times when out walking. 

Will my foster dog be house trained?

We cannot guarantee this….we do have a number of dogs who are kennel clean but some will need some extra guidance on house training and we can provide pee pads to help with this as well as ongoing support from our foster team.

Are the dogs well adjusted and confident?

For the most part our dogs are very confident and happy to be around people.  There are some that are a little more nervous and will need calmer homes with fosters who can work to build confidence.  All of our dogs walk nicely on a leash but after 2 years in kennels they will need time to […]

How long will my dog be in foster?

We cannot put timelines on how long it will take to find your foster dog the perfect forever home so we do ask that you be willing to foster for as long as it might take.