Can I foster if I work?

Yes, the only request that we have is that the dog is not left alone for any more than 4 to 5 hours a day a couple of times a week.

Can I foster if I live in a flat?

We do not rule out fosters who live in a flat and consider every application on its own merits.  We will look at options for the dog to have access outside for toileting, lift access and stairs.  You would need to demonstrate that you are able to get a foster dog up the stairs in the event […]

Will I get support and guidance from War Paws?

Yes, there is a member of our team available at all times to discuss concerns and worries.  We work incredibly hard to ensure that we match the right dog to the right home to minimise any worries that may arise.

Will my foster dog be in good health and microchipped?

Yes, every one of our dogs has gone through extensive blood testing, has been dewormed regularly and given Bravecto to prevent fleas/ticks every 3 months.  Every dog is spayed/neutered. Every dog is microchipped and the microchips are registered to War Paws.  Every dog will be given an ID tag and ongoing worming and flea/tick prophylactics will be […]