Sally Baldwin

Sally Baldwin has always supported and rescued countless animals from llamas to toothless sheep! She has volunteered all her life for animal welfare groups and, with her dog Brin (rescued from Helmand and now recognised among the 12 animal heroes worldwide), has travelled all over the country giving talks about the animals of war,

raising over £30,000 to help soldiers bring their companions home. Her efforts to save Brin soon became a worldwide campaign as she worked tirelessly to, singlehandedly, raise £4,000 to bring him home, even selling her car to top up the funds. Trinni is her other dog rescued from Ukraine. She was saved after suffering a broken leg and blood poisoning. Trinni and Brin have become inseparable and Sally’s home is never quiet. Her knowledge of rehabilitating feral dogs has enabled so many animals to settle into homes after suffering trauma. She set up and ran the adoptions programme for a charity in Afghanistan and oversaw the rehabilitation programme for the animals as they settled into their new life. In 2014 she won the ‘Inspirational Woman award’ for her talks throughout the UK on the plight of animals in times of war and continues to give talks today.