Dr Hélène Svinos

Hélène Svinos is an A+E doctor with a passion for animals that has involved her in voluntary work. Initially fundraising and fostering for local animal sanctuaries, she heard about the plight of some dogs in Afghanistan and offered her fundraising experience.

Hélène was involved in setting up the evolving charity and served as a trustee for 8 years and ran the successful Crufts stall on a yearly basis. Hélène has had dogs all her life and her experience with them lead her to become an experienced trainer especially with regard to reactive dogs, running a successful flyball club as well as training classes. When a dog of hers sustained a life-changing injury at a young age Hélène didn’t give up and developed a strong interest in rehabilitation and a passion for disabled animals. Hélène lives with 3 active springer spaniels, a 2 two legged dog from Afghanistan and a paraplegic dog from Bosnia, along with 2 cats ( 1 blind and epileptic) and a house bunny. As well as her ED work Hélène works in holistic health and is a qualified canine massage therapist and canicross instructor.