David Matthews

David Matthews works in Iraq and has seen, first hand, the plight of the strays trying to survive in a hostile environment. Seeing the plight of a injured stray puppy, while returning to base, he vowed to go back to save it and desperately tried to make arrangements to return.

Eventually, he found a way only to find that the animal had been killed in a brutal fashion and that forged the path to his passion to make such a needless death count.

He began to take care of the local strays and soon found many serving military wanting to take them home to a better life, A huge task for one man alone. A stray named Lily became a loyal companion to David and it was after finding that she too had been needlessly killed the name War Paws came to him and the charity was born. His passion and care for the animals has made this charity one that will make a real difference to the strays through programmes such as vaccination, spay and neutering and educational awareness which is so desperately needed in Iraq right now.