Our Team

We are a small team and we have many part time and ad-hoc staff…here are a few of us:

David Matthews

David Matthews works in Iraq and has seen, first hand, the plight of the strays trying to survive in a hostile environment. Seeing the plight of a injured stray puppy, while returning to base, he vowed to go back to save it and desperately tried to make arrangements to return.

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Louise Hastie

Louise Hastie has a formidable timeline of making a difference to so many animals lives in some of the most war torn countries in the world. With a military background, she found herself rescuing cats in Iraq shortly after completing her military service out there and became well known for her efforts despite so many obstacles.

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Sally Baldwin

Sally Baldwin has always supported and rescued countless animals from llamas to toothless sheep! She has volunteered all her life for animal welfare groups and, with her dog Brin (rescued from Helmand and now recognised among the 12 animal heroes worldwide), has travelled all over the country giving talks about the animals of war,

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Dr Hélène Svinos

Hélène Svinos is an A+E doctor with a passion for animals that has involved her in voluntary work. Initially fundraising and fostering for local animal sanctuaries, she heard about the plight of some dogs in Afghanistan and offered her fundraising experience.

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Dr Ross Neethling

Dr Ross Neethling joined the team in 2019 as our Volunteer Resident Veterinary Advisor.  Ross, originally from South Africa moved to the UK in 2003 and joined the Royal Marines.  After 6 years of service Ross left the Marines and embarked on a complete change of his life path.

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