Our Mission

War Paws was created to provide a voice and make the difference for the forgotten animals of war.  We feel that the only way to make the difference that is needed is not to just try and remove the animals from war zones and areas of civil conflict, but instead, we aim to provide education for the local populations, provide information and encouragement on better animal welfare and animal husbandry and to promote happy and healthy ownership of animals.

  • Primarily we are working to alleviate pain and suffering of dogs, cats and any other animal that needs help, predominantly within Iraq but also covering Syria, Afghanistan and other war zones and areas of civil conflict.  War Paws does not believe that any animal in any one country is more deserving than another so we are happy to work with any animal in need no matter where it is located.
  • Rescue and re-home animals in need not only in their country of origin but also to the UK and other EU countries, USA and Canada.
  • Supporting serving soldiers and contractors in war zones and areas of civil conflict by reuniting them in their home countries with the dogs and cats they have bonded with on their tour of duty.
  • Reduce the dog population humanely by implementing TNR programs.
  • The education of the local nationals on animal welfare and the benefits of happy healthy dogs and other animals.
  • Work towards eradication of Rabies through controlled delivery of small and large scale Rabies vaccination programs targeting the stray animal and farm animal populations