Help us to win £1200 with My giving circle

My Giving Circle are giving away £1200 to 10 UK charities on 31st March 2023 and we need your help to place in the Top Ten!

All you need to do is vote today and once a week until 31st March and if we can place in the Top Ten we will be granted £1200 which will go a long way to helping the animals in our care. As an added bonus we are now able to receive donations through our page at My Giving Circle and for every £1 donated we will receive an extra vote!

£1200 goes a long way for our animals, we can do so many things such as:

💉 Vaccinate 120 animals against Parvo, Distemper, Lepto and Rabies

💊 De worm 600 dogs with good quality worming medication

Buy 100 more re purposed water tanks to provide nice houses for the dogs

🍚 Buy 3650kg of rice that helps us to feed the dogs for around 6 weeks

🚚 Ship 900kg of dog food and other supplies to the shelter in Iraq

The list of things we could do with £1200 is endless BUT we can only do it of you vote for us every week to get us in the Top 10!

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