Give a quid, Save a life

Can you spare just £1 a month to help an animal in a war torn country?

You may not think that just £1 makes a difference but it really DOES make the world of difference to an animal in need, especially when lots of people give just £1 each month. Most of us will treat ourselves to a bar of chocolate, snack, a takeout coffee etc at least once a month and often this comes in at more than £1. Imagine the difference it would make if we could get 10,000 people to give £1 a month just by giving up 1 cup of coffee or 1 bar of chocolate or other snack each month and donating that money to War Paws instead.

£1 will feed 2 dogs for a day

£1 will pay for 5 Needles and Syringes needed to administer life saving vaccines

£1 will pay for 1 dog or cat to be treated for worms

£1 will pay for a 1 week course of Amoxicillin for a sick dog or cat

£1 will pay for a bandage for an injured dog or cat

Find out how you can donate a quid and save a life today.