Freya and her mother and siblings were rescued by a British contractor in Iraq. He had approached Liverpool Dog Rescue to see if they could help save Freya, her mother and siblings and they came to us to seek help. We were able to help but sadly one by one Freya’s siblings disappeared before we were able to get to them and then on the day we had planned to collect the mother and Freya, her mother ran off and we were unable to capture her and get her safely loaded into the car. Sadly we had to leave Freya’s mother behind as it was deemed that she would injure herself or a person if we were to force her into a vehicle, she was just too feral. LDR had already fundraised £500 for the rescue and PRM offered to step in and help not only with funds to get Freya to the USA but also to find her a new home. Freya headed to the USA in September 2018 and was rehomed.