What happens when applies to adopt my foster dog?

If we receive an application to adopt your foster dog our foster and adoptions team will first of all review the application and once we have done that, if we feel it would be a suitable home we will then pass the application to the foster so that they can make initial contact with the applicant and talk about the dog.  If the foster is happy after initial contact then we will arrange for the applicant to have a home check carried out.  If the home check is a ‘pass’ then we will ask that the applicant and foster arrange a suitable time and date for the applicant to come and meet and greet with the dog.  Applicants are required to attend meet and greet with all members of the household as well as other family dogs they may own.  If you, as the foster is happy with the meet and greet and have no concerns the adoption can take place.  There is an online adoption agreement that must be completed by the applicant at the time of adopting and payment can be made via direct bank transfer.  Applicants are required to bring their own slip leash and ID tag for the dog they are adopting at the time of meet and greet.  We ask that the foster sends enough of the dogs normal diet with the dog to last for 1 week so that the new owner can transition slowly to the diet they prefer.