How long will it take to bring my pet home?

For the UK/EU the process will take a minimum of 4 months from the day we collect your animal.  There is nothing we are able to do to expedite the process due to the laws set out by the UK/EU/.  All animals coming into the UK must be microchipped and given a rabies vaccine on the day they arrive with us, 30 days after the microchip and rabies vaccine a blood sample is drawn for FAVN/RNATT testing (this is a test to check that the rabies vaccine has enabled the growth of enough antibodies).  Once the blood is drawn then the animal must remain in the country of origin for a period of 12 weeks from the day the blood sample was drawn.  Once 12 weeks have passed then your pet will be able to enter the UK without a need for quarantine.  Rarely a companion animal will fail the FAVN/RNATT test, if this happens the animal will be given a new rabies vaccine and again wait 30 days before a new blood sample is drawn.

For the US/Canada and some other countries your companion animal will be free to travel 30 days after their rabies vaccine (subject to funding being in place)