How will my companion animal be transported from my location to your facility?

We have a network of trusted drivers to transport the animals we rescue.  Once the rescue process is ready to begin we will ask you to provide the contact information of a local employee where you are based in order that they can speak to our drivers and make arrangements.

I have a companion animal I wish to take home, how can I contact you?

If you have a companion animal you wish to take to your home country please use our contact form and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Can you help me if my companion animal needs to be transported to a country other than the UK/EU/USA/Canada?

Yes, we have transported to many countries and with the exceptions of Australia and New Zealand which have the strictest quarantine procedures in the world we are able to transport to most places.

Do you bring animals without a bonded owner to the UK/USA/Canada?

From time to time we will bring an animal without a bonded owner to the UK/USA/Canada for rehoming.  These animals are usually animals that have been befriended by serving Military or Contractors but they are unable to give them a home in their home country.  We also have a number of dogs at the shelter that will be considered on a case by case basis for rehoming outside of Iraq, these may be dogs who have lived in family homes and are not coping well at the shelter, dogs with medical issues/disabilities.  We actively promote in country homing but sadly at this time loving homes are few and far between in country.

How long will it take to bring my pet home?

For the UK/EU the process will take a minimum of 4 months from the day we collect your animal.  There is nothing we are able to do to expedite the process due to the laws set out by the UK/EU/.  All animals coming into the UK must be microchipped and given a rabies vaccine on the day they arrive with us, 30 days after the microchip and rabies vaccine a blood sample is drawn for FAVN/RNATT testing (this is a test to check that the rabies vaccine has enabled the growth of enough antibodies).  Once the blood is drawn then the animal must remain in the country of origin for a period of 12 weeks from the day the blood sample was drawn.  Once 12 weeks have passed then your pet will be able to enter the UK without a need for quarantine.  Rarely a companion animal will fail the FAVN/RNATT test, if this happens the animal will be given a new rabies vaccine and again wait 30 days before a new blood sample is drawn.

For the US/Canada and some other countries your companion animal will be free to travel 30 days after their rabies vaccine (subject to funding being in place)

Is my companion animal guaranteed to make it home?

Sadly we cannot make any guarantees about this.  Whilst every care is taken to ensure the health and wellbeing of your pet whilst it is in our care the countries we work in have limited vet care and diseases such as parvo and distemper are prevalent.   We will always keep you informed about the health of your companion animal and in the event that your pet becomes sick we will provide vet care.

Do you ask the owners of the animals that you are transporting to pay anything towards the target amount?

Yes, we ask that all owners of cats and dogs be willing to contribute a minimum of £1500 or $1500 for US bound animals before we will set up fundraising pages and ask our supporters to donate. We also request that all owners hold fundraising events to help as well.

How much does it cost to bring a companion animal home?

For dogs coming to the UK/EU the average cost is approx. £4000.  This amount covers the following:

  • In country transport (dependant on where in Iraq your animal is located this can often come in at up to £500)
  • Travel Crates
  • Vet care in country (vaccines, microchip, FAVN Blood test, Spay/Neuter)
  • Kennel Fees – the animals we rescue on behalf of serving Military and Contractors are not housed at the shelter but in private boarding facilities and we must pay for the use of these facilities
  • Official Government Export Paperwork and Health Certificates
  • Flights – The cost of flights from Iraq to Jordan and then to the UK is not cheap as the animals have to travel as registered cargo, this can often mean that flights for one dog will come in at £2000+ depending on time of year, fuel surcharges, delays etc

For cats coming to the UK/EU the average cost is £2500

For dogs travelling to the USA/Canada costs are approx. $4000

For cats travelling to the USA/Canada costs are approx. $2500

Why does War Paws rescue animals abroad when there are so many in rescue in our own countries?

Almost all of the animals that War Paws rescues are animals that have bonded with serving members of the Military or Contractors who are based in the country.  When the time comes for them to come home they quite rightly do not want to leave their buddy behind so they contact us to help get them home.  No one would leave a friend or a family member behind so we do not expect anyone to leave their adopted buddy behind either. 

What is your UK postal address?

War Paws, PO Box 7344, Wednesbury, West Midlands, WS10 1DX

Where are you based?

War Paws is a UK based charity and we are partnered with Animals of Kurdistan in Erbil where the shelter is located.