Freya and her mother and siblings were rescued by a British contractor in Iraq. He had approached Liverpool Dog Rescue to see if they could help save Freya, her mother and siblings and they came to us to seek help. We were able to help but sadly one by one Freya’s siblings disappeared before we […]

Teddy & Cheez-It

Teddy and Cheez-It were rescued by an American soldier based in Syria. We made arrangements for them to cross from Syria and into Iraq in April 2018 and they reached the kennels safely. Sadly when they arrived Teddy had a very bad case of tapeworm and despite the vets best efforts the worm load was […]


Barrie has the most epic story ever! She was found by a British Security Contractor in Syria trembling in the ruins of a building after a series of bombings. Sean took Barrie back to camp and bonded with her very quickly. Sean came home on leave and then on the day he was meant to […]


Lily is a very lucky pup. She was rescued by a British contractor who just happened to be the same person that had rescued Flossie who did not make it. He had taken her in just a few weeks after Flossie passed away, her siblings had all been adopted locally and she was the only […]


Rogue hit the jackpot when she crawled between the t-walls on a base in Northern Iraq. Her soldier had already tried to rescue one pup but sadly she had contracted parvo before she got to us and did not make it so when Rogue found her way to his base he just knew he had […]