Lucky was rescued as a young scared pup in Southern Iraq by a British Contractor. Her rescuer contacted us and asked for help to get her home to the UK in September 2018. We made arrangements to have Lucky moved to our kennels in Northern Iraq and from there she was moved to Jordan where […]

Mia & Toby

Shortly after Sia and Carla from Macedonia arrived in the UK their rescuer once again contacted us to tell us about 2 paraplegic pups called Mia and Toby. She had managed to arrange a rescue in the UK that specialises in dogs with disabilities that would take them in and find them loving homes but […]


Adana was rescued by an American soldier who was serving in Turkey. She was one of many strays on the US Base and was incredibly affectionate and demanding and her rescuer just could not leave her behind. Her rescuer asked us for help in December 2018, we stepped up and had Adana moved to a […]

Sia & Carla

In December 2018 when our very own Louise was working at Many Tears Animal Rescue in Wales they received and email from a lady who had got 2 dogs in a shelter in Macedonia that she was deeply worried about, the dogs were shutting down and she felt they would not make it through the […]


Hector was rescued when his British contractor dad came across him in Baghdad. He was owned by an Iraqi man who was keeping hi in a tiny cage in squalid conditions and really was not doing a good job of looking after him. Fortunately Hector’s owner agreed to let Martin have him and he got […]