Tula is super sweet & a little bit shy. Tula is a lovely girl who really trusts you once she knows you, she relies on your confidence in the world. Tula is kind to every dog she meets, we’ve seen her play just a few times and it’s heart warming to know she still has it in her.


Salty is an independent young man, he loves getting out and exploring, and loves pottering about in the yard and is very confident. Salty is a typically headstrong Schnauzer mix (he isn’t quite as small as a mini schnauzer but is definitely not a giant either), he knows what he wants and when he wants it.


King is a super handsome and active boy, he could run and play all day! He is very confident with all people and walks on a lead. He is kennel with another high energy dog and they play constantly, he is also kennelled with a shy girl who he treats kindly.


Malo is a such a happy girl. She is not demanding and is an easy going dog. When she goes outside she has her zoomies then she’s more than happy to waddle around sniffing.


Lola is your typical scruffy dog that everyone loves. Lola loves humans and is keen for a fuss. Lola is quite independent and isn’t at all needy. Lola walks nicely on a lead and loves sniffing about.


Sandy has a lot of energy and loves running around chasing a ball and loves snuggles and will wiggle her way under your arm to get more, she loves bum scratches.


Rahan was found on the border of Ukraine manning a border post inspecting people going in and out. Rahan loves people, loves a brush and can be an affectionate guy, but he also loves his independence.


Remy is perfect for the giant dog lovers out there! Even though Remy has matured a lot in recent months, he is still an overgrown pup who is still learning. Therefore, he needs someone who is experienced with large breeds and someone who is able to set boundaries.


Jacky is a lively soul. She has learned to sit already, and likes to be entertained and kept busy. She walks nicely on a lead and enjoys being out and about playing and running, but she also loves a snuggle and leans right into you for a fuss.


Luna is a small girl who wants nothing more than to find a family of her own. Rescued from Ukraine in the early days of the war it is believed that Luna once had a home. She spent 18 months in a kennel before coming to foster in the UK 3 months ago.