Cletus was the first cat that War Paws was asked to help with. He was rescued by an American soldier in Iraq in December 2017 and we worked alongside PRM to raise the funds and get this lovely cat home to his soldier in the USA in January 2018.


Jwani came to our attention shortly after Dai and Louise returned to the UK from Iraq. She had been hit by a car and sustained injuries to her front leg. We immediately arranged for her to be seen by a vet and quickly got her to Amman with Dilly. Sadly, Jwani was found to have […]


Louise and Dai met Dilly on their trip to Iraq. Dilly had been hit by a car at some point and a kind family took her in and cared for her. The family asked if we could help so we agreed that War Paws would bring Dilly back to the UK where we would partner […]


Erby was adopted by a female American soldier in Erbil. PRM asked us if we could help with her rescue so we worked together and got Erby reunited with her soldier a few months later.


Maggie was rescued by an American soldier in one of the worse parts of Northern Iraq. Her rescue was shrouded in secrecy but PRM and War Paws made it happen and she is now in the USA reunited with her soldier.