Beau’s rescuer found him living in a hole under a tree, his mom and siblings had all been chased off by bigger dogs and he was all alone an unable to fend for himself. His rescuer did manage to locate his mom and siblings and reunite them but his mom rejected him so Beau was […]

Jo Socks

Jo Socks was rescued by a Dutch contractor near to Basrah. She has a litter of pups that one by one were being taken home by the camp guards but no one wanted to take her. She was painfully thin having only had access to limited food and having to raise a litter of pups […]


Madi’s owner came to us for help in February 2018. At just 6 weeks old Madi had been abandoned by her mother and a Brit working in Southern Iraq took her in and raised her. By the time she was 6 months old her owner knew he could not leave her behind so War Paws […]

Flossy & Midge

We were asked by a British contractor in souther Iraq if we would help 2 very young pups who had lost their mother. Midge and Flossy had lost their mothers and were in desperate need of help. They were transported to the kennels in Northern Iraq but sadly shortly after they arrived they started showing […]


January 2018 saw us receive a desperate request from a contractor in Baghdad about a dog he had been caring for who had a nasty wound on his leg. Socks had been living on the streets of Baghdad near to the US Embassy and was still very nervous but after a massive effort we managed […]