Barrie has the most epic story ever! She was found by a British Security Contractor in Syria trembling in the ruins of a building after a series of bombings. Sean took Barrie back to camp and bonded with her very quickly. Sean came home on leave and then on the day he was meant to return to Syria his contract was cancelled. Panic set in and he contacted War Paws and asked if it was even possible to get Barrie out of Syria and to the UK. Not wanting to see little Barrie left behind we embarked on several months of planning and finally the timing was right and we were able to get Barrie moved from Syria and into our kennels in Iraq in May 2018 and then we transported her to Jordan where she had to wait 4 months in order that we could ensure she could enter the UK without quarantine. Finally in November 2018 Barrie was ready to come home and be reunited with Sean but when we got her checked in for the flight she got very upset in the crate so we had to cancel until a week later when we were able to get someone to fly with her. Barrie has now settled well into the life of being a pampered and much loved pet in the UK with Sean.