13 Feb 2020
Female (Spayed)
Country of origin:
PA35, Taynuilt
Approximate weight (kg):
Height at shoulder (cm):
Yes 15+
Needs another dog:
Can live with cats:
Not tested
Tula is super sweet & a little bit shy. Tula is a lovely girl who really trusts you once she knows you, she relies on your confidence in the world. Tula is kind to every dog she meets, we’ve seen her play just a few times and it’s heart warming to know she still has it in her. Tula is quiet, easy, and never any trouble at all. Tula walks on a lead though but right now is still a little worried about walk time but she is improving. Hopefully one day just the world will get her tail wagging. Tula does hide when external situations are overwhelming, and she may hide from strangers in her new home. For that reason Tula needs a relatively calm and relaxed household where she can really let her guard down. Tula will need another kind dog in her home. Tula is quietly adoring and will happily have her head stroked by her favourite person. She needs someone who will take the time and has the patience to gain her trust and show her that life can be fun!