Do you bring animals without a bonded owner to the UK/USA/Canada?

From time to time we will bring an animal without a bonded owner to the UK/USA/Canada for rehoming.  These animals are usually animals that have been befriended by serving Military or Contractors but they are unable to give them a home in their home country.  We also have a number of dogs at the shelter […]

Is my companion animal guaranteed to make it home?

Sadly we cannot make any guarantees about this.  Whilst every care is taken to ensure the health and wellbeing of your pet whilst it is in our care the countries we work in have limited vet care and diseases such as parvo and distemper are prevalent.   We will always keep you informed about the health […]

How much does it cost to bring a companion animal home?

For dogs coming to the UK/EU the average cost is approx. £4000.  This amount covers the following: In country transport (dependant on where in Iraq your animal is located this can often come in at up to £500) Travel Crates Vet care in country (vaccines, microchip, FAVN Blood test, Spay/Neuter) Kennel Fees – the animals […]