What happens if my foster dog is sick ?

If at any time your foster dog becomes ill we would ask that you contact us immediately.  If the dog is very sick we will authorise you to take the dog to your own local vet and will ask the vet to invoice us directly for treatment, fosters are not responsible for any medical costs but […]

Can I feed my foster dog a vegan or vegetarian diet?

No, all of our dogs must be fed on an approved well balanced diet.  We have no issues with fosters giving treats in moderation or allowing the dogs to have some veggies mixed in with their normal meals but we will not allow our dogs to be fed fully vegan or vegetarian diets except in cases […]

What happens when applies to adopt my foster dog?

If we receive an application to adopt your foster dog our foster and adoptions team will first of all review the application and once we have done that, if we feel it would be a suitable home we will then pass the application to the foster so that they can make initial contact with the […]

Can I foster if I work?

Yes, the only request that we have is that the dog is not left alone for any more than 4 to 5 hours a day a couple of times a week.